A chiropractor treats diseases through therapy. There are different types of therapies that chiropractors perform, which means that their treatment goes beyond spinal manipulation for back and neck pain. These practitioners are spine specialists. It means that they can perform a neurological and physical evaluation of their patients.

Accurately diagnosing one’s spinal disorders is a chiropractor’s responsibility. They do it in order to provide the patient with the right treatment plan. The most common therapies or treatments that chiropractors recommend are spinal traction, therapeutic exercises, stretching, manual soft tissue therapy, and TENS, which stands for transcutaneous electric never stimulation.

1. Therapeutic Exercise

This type of therapy is best for strengthening the patient’s neck, back, and extremities. The exercises also decrease pain while preventing muscle deterioration. It also promotes the health of the joints while increasing its strength, motion range, and stability. There are therapeutic exercises that are intended to protect against recurring injuries.

2. Therapeutic Stretches

These stretches are usually performed after an injury. Stretching is necessary to prevent the formation of scar tissues. Even if the injury sustained by the spine has been healed, regular stretching is necessary to keep the tissues flexible and the body mobile. It also protects the patients from being injured a new. Therapeutic stretching and exercises are first performed under the supervision of the chiropractor until you can do it on your own.

3. Spinal Traction

Here, a special device is used in certain areas of the spine. Such a device, which is called the spinal traction, is a form of treatment that gently separates the vertebrae after the disc has decompressed. This therapy reduces pain and nerve root pressure.

4. Soft Tissue Manual Therapy

There are many therapies that a chiropractor can use to improve the soft tissue’s performance and function. Soft tissues pertain to ligaments, joint capsules, muscles, and tendons. In this therapy, the common action performed is called the active release technique or ART. There’s also a method where an instrument is used, and it’s called the Graston Technique.

5. Physical Therapy

There are a lot of modalities that a chiropractor can use when there’s a need to provide physical therapy to the patient. These are muscle stimulation, TENS, ultrasound, and ice and heat therapy. Each of these therapies provides a certain effect on the patient, which is why they must be used only after the successful diagnosis of the disease.

6. Other Therapies

Aside from all the of the specialized therapies listed above, a chiropractor can also provide other treatments, including lifestyle modification, nutritional, and diet counseling. Chiropractors will ask the patient to check his or her diet in order to help maintain your health and reduce the risk of complications related to your condition. The same is true when it comes to lifestyle modification, which involves adding more exercises to your daily routine and eliminating smoking, excessive stress, alcohol consumption, and poor posture.

These are just some of the therapies and treatments that a chiropractor provides their patients. Now that you know what they do, you should be more confident in consulting with them, since they are not just alternative medical doctors. Chiropractic experts Tulsa are very much like medical doctors in practice and profession.